Review, comment and approve all your documents in Slack

Save days on your feedback & approval processes

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Save days on your feedback & approval processes
Review, comment and approve all your documents in Slack Review, comment and approve all your documents in Slack Review, comment and approve all your documents in Slack Review, comment and approve all your documents in Slack


Comment with your team, in one click, directly on the document



Make people review and approve your documents

No account needed

No account needed

Invite people outside your workspace to comment on the document

All platforms

All platforms

Comment documents from your smartphone, even offline

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Many formats supported

Many formats supported

Coment supports PDFs, images, Office formats & more

Within Teams, the average back-and-forth process takes over 1 week !* 

Can you remove the round … thingy, you know, at the top right hand corner of page 3?

Are you sure that he reviewed and approved the document?

Source: *2018 In-House Creative Management Report. InMotionNow + InSource

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Using Coment in 3 steps

Then, invite your team to comment and approve it.

The Coment App replies with:

  • a link to comment on it 
  • action buttons to indicate that you reviewed/approved or rejected it

Your teammates can open and view the document.

They can drop comments directly on the document. After they finish, they can approve the document, reject it or simply indicate that they reviewed it.

Comments are directly on the document and can be replied to. In Slack, everybody can see the number of comments, and who read and approved the document.​

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5 documents / day
10MB max / doc

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Frequently Asked Questions

See full list on our support page

Yes. As of now, the Coment app for Slack is free, whatever the number and size of documents you are uploading and whatever the number of teammates in your Slack workspace.

We support the majority of common file formats: 

  • PDF documents
  • images: png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, ico
  • Microsoft office documents : doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx
  • Pages, Numbers, Keynote formats
  • Open Office documents
  • HTML

We currently have no limit. You can invite unlimited people to comment and review your documents.

When clicking on the link provided by the Coment app, you will access a page that will allow you to view and comment your document. You can add 2 types of comments :

  • general comments: click on the right-side bar + button, you will be able to add a general comment for the document.
  • localized comments: just click where you want to comment, a new comment will pop up at the exact position on the document

To review / approve / reject a document, click on the appropriate button on the post from the Coment app that follows the upload of a document.

The App has only access to the document you share with it. 

Yes. We work hard to put in place and maintain the best infrastructure to ensure the security of your data. You can read our data policy here.

You’re the best to talk about Coment

Moving to Coment allowed us to review our magazines more easily with both our team and external contributors. It is easier and (way) faster to follow the comments directly on the PDF document and handle proof approvals, which is really key in our line of work.
Chief Product Officer
Before Coment, the comments on our investment files were scattered in emails and Slack threads. We lost a lot of time and possibly information. Using Coment streamlined our asynchronous and synchronous communications: each teammate can comment a centralized file and we can review them during our committees.


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