Collaborate better on your documents

With Coment, gather, review, validate and comment quickly documents with your teams

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Collaborate better on your documents
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Our Vision

Teams create and exchange more and more documents (images, PDFs, Office...), which have to be shared, reviewed, commented, validated ... The tools (email, storage solutions) strongly influence the quality of the collaboration between the members of your teams, waste time and scatter the information. Coment redesigns team exchanges around documents to help you create simple and virtuous exchanges.

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View and comment

View your documents in different formats (PDF, images, Office ...).

Invite your team for review, proofreading or validation.

Comment online with one click and interact with your team in real time.

Each comment is a discussion that you can follow through the various statuses Validated / Refused / Closed.

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Source of truth and traceability

Gather all documents and exchanges within a single platform. All information is in one place.

In your teams, create thematic spaces to categorize information and documents.

Exchange with the team in the different thematic areas.
Reduce human and communication errors.

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User experience

A simple and easy-to-use experience to review, validate / reject, comment and quickly update documents.

Gather multiple versions of the same document and navigate in one click from one version to another.

Comment your documents even offline.

With Coment, you will collaborate better on documents and improve productivity in your teamwork

Get your team on board easily

Very quick learning curve

They will access information faster and will always be up to date on documents and comments

Commenting a document is super easy and intuitive

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Collaborate better on your documents.

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